You are not a product of your environment Secrets You will need in 2017.

Princess Leia passed away, it is the worst year ever please go away 2016. That is a story I keep seeing float past me in my social media feeds. I am still amazed why we don’t see and talk more about the incredible and amazing things that happened this past year. Our Economy is growing, the stock market is at all-time highs, and the Green Bay packers look primed to make a deep run in the playoffs, okay maybe that doesn’t spell success for you but it does for me.

You see Thoughts become things in our world. One of my favorite movie quotes is from The Departed when Jack Nicholson’s character says: “I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me.”

This is such a profound statement and one that has led me to live a more inspired life. I have found that in my life whenever I faced an obstacle or needed to lead massive change it all began with me and the environment I was surrounding myself with. When I first moved to Orlando knowing no one I wanted to badly meet new people and live a fulfilling life in an exciting new city. However, a few years went by and I didn’t meet very many new people as I focused simply on working and it is hard to meet new friends once you are essentially out of school. What did I do about it? I remembered my fondest memories of my friends back home were from playing sports together. Thus, I met one guy and we started a Softball team together. It completely changed my life. My environment was now one of hard work by day but at night I was training and playing softball with a team, and those teammates grew into great friends. This then lead to many new friends, me being inspired to meet my wife, and living a more fulfilled life.

However, it all started when I decided to change my environment and not let the world I was living in dictate me. I see my kids every day start their day in different ways. Kids can feed off of the emotions you give off and the feelings you let out. Life is like a boomerang and what you send out comes right back to you. This is never more evident than when I see my kids completely change their mindset based on what I am projecting to them. You are a living magnet invariably attracting into your life what you think about most.

Our words become the story we tell ourselves and others. Our inner story impacts every action and that story becomes our life. We move to the direction of our focus in life. Very often my kids will wake up in not the greatest mood but I have found with a little work I can change that for them. However, as adults who do we have in our lives that help us with attitude adjustments in the morning to help us set up our day for success? Not too many of us have a boss or spouse that if we are cranky with them will look at us with compassionate eyes and do their best to turn our mood positive, in fact it is much the opposite. If you are cranky and rude to someone before you are able to down that second cup of coffee in the morning most people will reflect that negative energy right back at you and then double down on that with the next person they encounter.

Thus, your rude or non-enthusiastic response to someone’s good morning can lead to a multiplier effect on others as they share your bad mood. But, if you realize this and try to get up a little extra early read a positive news story, maybe watch a “Win it Minute”…..realize that the environment you walk into at work or home can be a product of what you create you now realize that you have the power to influence your life and others and in a positive or negative way. Positive and Negative are directions in life and your day, which way are you choosing to go? The words we speak transmit an energy that attracts the same kind of energy towards us. I realize I can control my kid’s outlook for the day which can completely change their day. You too can control others in your environment, and if you are able to use that knowledge to change their days in a positive way, you will surely see your day change as well.

Don’t let the story you are telling yourself hold you back in 2017. Realize that you have the power to tell your own story every single day as you are the author not others. Too often we let negative posts on Social Media or rants from friends or neighbors cloud our day in negative ways. Our daily choices to influence our environment are not made in the heat of the moment; they are made in our daily practices. Tom Brady does not run out onto the football field and make great decisions in the moment and that is why he is so successful. It is quite the opposite, he spends countless hours watching film and practicing those exact moments on the practice field so when in the midst of battle when he has but a mere second or two to make the right choice he succeeds with the choice he makes because of the habits he chose to hone over his lifetime. You too can change your mindset and practice daily rituals of healthy habits that will allow you to make the right decisions to change your environment that changes your life and others. It all starts with small adjustments and realizing you have the power to control an entire room with your mindset.

As 2016 comes to a close, choose to see the amazing array of great things that happened and write your own story and create your own environment for success in 2017. The difference is that now you know you are the author of your own story craft an amazing Win to your Day in awesome ways!