The Number One Reason You Should CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS LIKE YOUR TV in 2020.

Hi, welcome to 2020 and another Win It Minute. Today I want to start off with a quick quote to inspire the New Year, “Change your thoughts and change your world”, because you can control your thoughts completely.

Have you ever been watching or excited for a new television show and then halfway through you realize it’s not something that you like? So what do you do? You get up and you change the channel. Well, that happened to me and my wife. We were watching and excited for a new show called Orange Is the New Black. Well, some of you may like it, but we really weren’t into it. So what we did was we just simply changed the channel.

It’s the same thing you can do in your life when you start to have negative thoughts, or non-positive moments, you can actually change your thought process.

How many times in life do you find yourself saying, I can’t believe that Janie said this, or I can’t believe that Johnny did this to me. When you use absolutes and negatives like that, you actually set in stone those thought processes. Well, nothing is set in stone in life unless you allow it to be. This is where you have to realize and be aware that any negative or absolute words like this can be switched.

You can switch it in your own mind like changing a channel. When you’re going down that negative highway, just try to think of something positive. For me, sports usually does the trick, or even a favorite movie scene or movie quote will put you in a positive mindset.

For me, if I ever face a tough situation, I think of Rocky, my favorite movie, and at Rocky IV when he beats Ivan Drago and he’s about to change the world and end the cold war just by saying, if you could change, then I can change, and we can all change.

See, try it. You’ll enjoy it. Just by trying a little voice impersonation, you put a smile on your face. It’s fun. And see, you have the power to control your mind. Just like Yoda, these are not the droids that you’re looking for. Just try little fun tips like that and you’ll see a big difference. It’ll put a smile on your face, and you’ll be in a more positive mood right from the get go.

You can do it. It just takes practice, but you’re in total control. When you eliminate those negative phrases in your own mind, your brain finds room for more positive possibilities, and more positive things. So use your thoughts to create a new future and a more positive, happy future as what happens to you is all up to you. So make it an awesome day and Win your Day! #Wintheday #Winitminute