Hi, thanks for joining us for another article of The Win It Minute. I’m fired up, as usual, as I got a great quote that I found and a great story that I want to share with you. The quote I want to share is from one of my favorite authors, Tony Robbins, when he said, “When you truly commit to making something happen in life, the how will always reveal itself.”

Limitations are not your enemy in life. In fact, if you look at them with a positive mindset, they’re actually your gift to learn something new. Obstacles are actually in your way to force you to work outside of your usual comfort zone and routine to find new ways to succeed. I discovered this when I was reading my son’s favorite book to him for the umpteenth time, Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham. I thought, “What would inspire a guy to write such an odd novel?” Well, that’s how I’m wired now. I’m all about finding what inspires people and what makes them tick because The Win It Minute has put my mindset in me.

I go to Google, and I look up Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham inspiration, and what comes back is actually a story on Dr. Seuss. He actually lost a bar bet to a book publisher, and the guy said, over a beer, he said, “Hey, if you can find a way to write an entertaining children’s novel, and you can only use 50 words, I’ll publish it.” Dr. Seuss went to work. He had a limitation of only 50 words, but he created Green Eggs and Ham, and he actually created a model for all of his successful books from there on out.

The point being is that when you face limitations or obstacles in life, use them as opportunities to find creative ways to get around them. Don’t look at them as obstacles. Look at them as the limitations. They only determine the size of the canvas of the art that you’re painting at, doesn’t determine your art. Like I said, obstacles actually force you to work outside of your usual comfort zone.

Another great example is for me. I have three kids under eight a full-time job, but yet I found a way to find inspiration for The Win It Minute because you’ve inspired me, and that inspires me more and more. I get up before everybody in my household now just to find time to utilize The Win It Minute and its platform.

My point being is that get out there, try something new, don’t look as obstacles to put you down, rise above, and look at them as new opportunities to find new successful ways to go about your day. Get out there and make it an awesome day. Thanks for joining us. #Wintheday #Winitminute