Hi. Welcome to another Win It Minute. Today I want to start with a quick quote that says “life is an echo, What you send out comes back. What you see in others actually exist in you, so why not see greatness”? Why not give greatness? The reality shapes us in the lens that your brain views the world, and that shapes your reality. In today’s hyper busy world, our brain has been forced to redefine its own happiness. We’re always thinking, “Hey, if I work harder, I’ll make more money” Or, “If I get that iPhone Eleven then I’ll be happier,” but then guess what? The iPhone twelve comes along or you get that promotion and you need a bigger house. We keep changing the formula for happiness. It’s constantly a moving target.

This is not the way our brains are wired actually. It’s the other way around. A Harvard study says that if you’re in a positive, happy mindset, you’re 31% more creative, productive and you have a 28% higher IQust when you have a positive mindset during your normal day. You know, it’s kind of like if you’re driving home on a Friday and you’re exhausted from a long work week, just totally mentally drained. Then all of a sudden your favorite song comes on the radio and you crank up that music and you feel energized and you’re ready for the weekend and just one little cue, your favorite song, completely changes your energy level.

You know, the study also concluded that there are three ways to help increase your positive mindset to help you have a more productive view on things. Number one was express gratitude. Very simple. You know, this way your brain starts to view the world in positives rather than negatives. You’re training your brain to scan the world looking for positive things instead of negatives. It’s like a reporter once asked Steve Jobs how he hired so many creative and productive people. He said, “Well, it’s like mining for gold. You’ve got to move away a ton of dirt to find the gold.” Same thing in people. Move away the dirt to find all the gold in them.

Number two, simply exercise. It teaches your brain that positive behavior actually matters. Number three, exercise random acts of kindness. This creates a ripple of positivity, not only in your brain but in the world around you. Try these three simple little actions for the week and see the difference it makes. Make it an awesome day